The Mo’Lympics: Joel Mchale and Billy Eichner Destroy Each Other (x)

I almost threw my back out last time. Oh, well that’s what you get for trying to restrain a lady against her will. As if I could ever get you to do anything against your will. Seriously though, you’re like unnaturally strong. It’s intimidating.

You’re Annie. You like puzzles and little monsters on your pencil and some guy named Mark Ruffalo. You’re a fierce competitor and a sore loser. And you expect everybody to be better than who they are and you expect yourself to be better than everyone, which is cool.

Philadelphia - 14/08

You know me, you know that I’m difficult and grumpy and set in my ways, but if you’ll let me, I will spend every day trying to make you happy.

She betrayed Ronan. He’s coming back for her. And when he does… (x)

Come back. Come back to me.


He loves Annie. […] No, it is not just because he looked at everybody. I think you know it’s Annie. I’ll be direct about that. He looked at her, and his heart opened the door. What a comedy.

I like outdoor. There’s something about it… We’ve done a couple of outdoor shows where it rains, and there’s something really fun about playing in the rain, I think. You and the crowd are both in it together, and you both are like ‘It’s raining, but we’re gonna have fun anyway, so.” - H