•  CRISTINA: You realize this constitutes hugging?
     MEREDITH: Shut up. I’m your person. 
  • Meredith: Stop whining! This is your wedding day, you will go down that aisle and you will get married! If I have to kick your ass every step of the way to get you there… you will walk down the aisle, youwill get married. Do you hear me, Cristina? We need this! We need you to get your happy ending…
    Cristina: Okay, I’m ready.
  • Meredith: I have my hand on a bomb. I’m freaking out. And most importantly, I really have to pee. Tell me anything.
    Cristina: He told me he loved me. Last night. He thought I was sleeping, but I heard him say it.
    Meredith: Burke loves you.
    Cristina: Yeah. [To Dylan] Mind your own business.
  • MEREDITH: (…) I mean, he cares about your career. He’s in love with you.
    CRISTINA: I hate married, happy you. 
  • MEREDITH: You’re a good friend.
    CRISTINA: You’re so high right now.
    MEREDITH: Actually you’re my best friend in the whole entire world.
    CRISTINA: God, now I just feel sorry for you.
    MEREDITH: Why? Because I could die today.
    CRISTINA: This is why I hate being around stoned people.
    MEREDITH: And if I did die today, I’d only be remembered as the slutty intern who dated two doctors.
    CRISTINA: No, one doctor, one vet.
    MEREDITH: Derek, Finn, Derek, Finn — I’d die as the girl who couldn’t make a choice, right?
    CRISTINA: Probably, but none of that matters — because you’ll be dead.
  • CALLIE: Um, anyone… uh. Anyone ever think you two were a couple?
    MEREDITH: No, because we screw boys like whores on tequila.
    CRISTINA: Then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves.
    CALLIE: Huh. 
  • CRISTINA: We got this, um, new state of the art, like lockdown system.
    MEREDITH: To um, isolate different areas of the hospital incase of an emergency.
    CRISTINA: Yeah, cause, um, supposedly the last emergency there were… some people wandering around.
  • MEREDITH: What?
    CRISTINA: Nothing.
    MEREDITH: …what?
    CRISTINA: Okay, cranky, forget it, forget it.

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